The Power of the Affiliates

The ExportImport Bank of the United States (EXIM) facilitates international trade for businesses of all sizes across the nation, offering a range of tailored financing solutions and export credit insurance programs designed to mitigate risks and enhance competitiveness.

Through its working capital loan guarantees, EXIM assists businesses to secure financing from lenders,
using their exportrelated accounts receivable and inventory as collateral. This access to working capital
empowers businesses to fulfill large export orders, expand their international presence, and take advantage
of growth opportunities abroad. EXIM also offers export credit insurance to protect businesses against
nonpayment by foreign buyers, giving businesses the confidence to explore new markets and extend credit
terms to international customers, without the fear of financial loss due to default.

Moreover, EXIM offers direct loans and loan guarantees to businesses for the acquisition of capital goods
and services, enabling them to invest in equipment, technology, and infrastructure necessary for expanding
their export capabilities.

On April 19, at the 2024 Global Business Development Summit in Washington D.C., EXIM Bank announced
the launch of an innovative new product, developed with the Bank’s Minority and WomenOwned Business
Division (MWOB), to support and empower MWOB companies to grow their export business: Equity Express
Select: Grow Revenues Through Exports with EXIM

Equity Express Select’s (EQS) exceptional inhouse customer service team will guide your company through
every step of the process, from explaining policy benefits and reviewing qualifications to streamlining the
application and addressing any concerns you may have along the way. Some of the benefits of the new
program/ include:
  • 95% coverage of invoices
  • Wholeturnover, insures any buyers getting credit from exporter
  • EXIM reviews and approves all buyers
  • No deductible
  • No application or policy issuance fees
  • Dedicated inhouse servicing team
  • Payasyouship premiu

Top reserve a free consultation with an EXIM Equity Express Select representative to get more information or
answer any of your questions, please complete the form: here.

In coordination with the SBA’s Export Assistance tools, this new program could be a force multiplier for any
MSDC member that is interested in expanding their target market and potential client base overseas.
To find your local SBA US Export Assistance Center (USEAC), please fill out the information: here.