Understanding RING Structure

The six Regional Industry Needs Group (RINGs) are local work groups comprised of CVMSDC Corporate Partners and certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) owners – OUR MEMBERS. RING groups are designed to focus on specific industry needs; some examples include Banking, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, etc. Each RING should identify regional industry expertise and develop programming that is germane to their leading industries. Each RING is expected to publish studies, write articles, host workshops, and manage events that support their industry expertise.

Engage with a V.I.P. Mindset

One of the VALUABLE benefits of CVMSDC Membership is the RING structure. INTENTIONAL hands-on work occurs at the RING level. There is a staff representative assigned to each RING to ensure that governance is followed and the mission of CVMSDC is supported. We encourage each of you to tap into the POWER of the RING structure by engaging with one of the six rings and attending events outside of your area that cover industry topics important to your work.

Where are the RINGs?

CVMSDC has six (6) operating RING structures:

Covering Midlands, Lowcountry Pee-Dee; Covering cities East of Columbia, SC
Covering the Richmond VA, Western & Coastal Areas – and All Areas South of Northern VA