Lowe’s-LISC Partnership – Grant Funding Available

Across the United States, small businesses that form the economic backbone of our communities now face immediate – and oftentimes, crushing – financial pressure because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many small businesses that were forced to shut down temporarily now are at serious risk of never reopening. Even those small businesses that can still operate remotely face major revenue shortfalls. With little or no reserves to pay their expenses, many will have no choice but to lay off workers and close their doors forever.

Thanks to a significant grant from Lowe’s, LISC will provide the emergency assistance that small businesses desperately need to stay afloat. We will deploy grants to help them bridge the financial gap, and provide guidance to help them navigate the intricate web of public and private resources now available. LISC will focus these efforts on historically underserved communities—especially those enterprises owned or led by minorities and women, who often lack access to affordable capital.

First Round of Lowe’s Grant Awards

  • June 10: Announce Lowe’s investment and landing page for applicant registration
  • June 11-17: On-line application form live
  • June 18-June 24: Applications closed and grant finalists selected
  • June 24-July 9: Finalists Screened for Eligibility
  • July 10: Full grantee/awardee list announced
  • July 1-August 10: Payment process to grantees (speed largely dependent on grantee responsiveness)

Second round of Lowe’s Grant Award

  • June 18: Lowe’s applicant registration form opens
  • July 27-Aug 3: On-line application form live
  • August 3-10: Applications closed and Grant Finalists Selected
  • August 10-27: Finalists Screened for Eligibility
  • August 28: Full Grantee/awardee List Announced
  • August 20-Sept 20: Payment process to grantees

(speed largely dependent on grantee responsiveness)
Minority and small business owners may apply for grants of $20,000 to help meet their most immediate needs.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Paying rent and utilities
  • Meeting payroll
  • Paying outstanding debt to vendors
  • Upgrading technology infrastructure
  • Other immediate operational costs

To learn how to apply, visit www.LISC.org/lowes